by Paisley Devil

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Written and recorded by Paisley Devil.
Thanks for all the help everyone.
Caleb Brown rips the sax on Hate the City.
Ethan Uhl ripped the cover art.


released April 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Paisley Devil Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Leaky Gut
My father called me on the phone, he said,
"I'm going to put a bullet in my head unless I find a reason not to"
Oh how cute, oh how cute
babies first loose tooth
oh how cute,
babies first time
my mother calls it being sick in the head
I call it not being fucking stupid
whatever this is, whatever you want
to call it, all I know is
I can't go alone
I can feel my mind run down the back of my face
down my neck, a little crack
onto my pillow case
it folds over and over and over again
all that's left, a little speck
is this all that I am?
Track Name: Come Down
Do you lie awake at night
and wonder if we have
the will to make it
through the season
Don't think they don't
notice us grinding our teeth
your sister noticed us
I think it's time to leave
Will the city change us
I just don't know
Will the city change us
my heart is already cold
I know this isn't real
the truths we tell are
quietly a joke
I hope, but I know we wont
feel the same way
when we come down

When all the I love you alls
have dried up, and my contempt
burns through my coat
can you feel it
I wondered off into the woods
there is something I have to do
I'll be back soon
Track Name: Nausea
I'm always here, it's always the same
Can't be rid of my body, can't be rid of my name
All of these faces, they never change
I'm so sick of your grin, your skin is wearing thin
I go back to the bottom and then turn back around
I see nothing through the trees
But I'm told I can build anything
But the the bricks are never coming
And it makes me sick

The harder I try, the steeper the climb

My mind always races, it's always the same
Well boy I'm the exact same, and you'll never change
And why even bother, with all of these chains
If you were free you'd stay the exact same way
Track Name: Hate The City
I'm so sick of my body,
leave me to rot with the rest of the filth.
You deserve better flesh than this,
purely existing fills me with guilt.

My hatred for the city grows everyday,
I want to be rid of this disgusting place.

I want to take you back home,
and show you all the roads I used to roam.
Where Alex kissed me in car.
Don't look now,
Daddy's breaking down the door,
he won't go very far.

And when I walk alone at night,
I see the city lights,
and they give me hope,
but I know it's a lie.

My hatred for the city grows everyday,
I want to be rid of this disgusting place.
If there's a light that never goes out,
show me now so I can shut my stupid mouth.
Track Name: Feel Anything
Everybody loves you honey
you just have to be more patient
I can't help you now
so I don't say anything
Just give it more time
wait and see
soon enough you won't
feel anything

Everybody loves you buddy
you gotta put in your work
show them what you're worth
I'll show you how
Give it more time
wait and see
soon enough you wont
feel anything

this is what you wanted wasn't it
this is what you were working towards
this is what you were showing off
your callous for
I'm not going back
even if I could
what good would it do me

I'm starting to believe
that this gift that you gave me
came with some strings
I'm spitting it back up
I don't want it anymore
If you turn me back around
I'll go back and turn you down

You gotta show them
what your blood is worth
cause it's spilling on the floor
you gotta show them
what your blood is worth
because soon you wont
have anymore

This is what you wanted wasn't it
this is what you were working towards
this what your were showing off
your callous for

Give it more time
wait and see
soon enough you wont
feel anything
Track Name: Lift (too heavy)
Shaming other addicts while Im drunk off my ass
Id be farther gone if my preference was at hand
Im so proud
It will be my end

I want to fall in love with you again
the way a child does
unaware of the pitfalls ahead
I want to lift you up
the way you lift me up
but I know I can't

don't fall down again
Track Name: 12 - 24 - 12
Held you back while he kicked the dog
held you down while he called the cops
called his phone when he took the car
tell me again what I've seen
Does it seem like I'm running
I guess I am
What I'd give to have the heart of 17
I didn't realize what I lost that christmas eve
I hate the man I'm becoming
There's no love in my heart

I love you like a brother
I felt you like a lover
it's hard to admit I cut you out
harder to admit I don't regret it

Track Name: Tip (too weak)
Trying not to show
that I'm ripping at the seams
Don't tell me all the things
I can be, I know just what I am
Is this what you meant by
unconditional, I don't think so

I'm sorry I cannot be
the net that you need
trying not to tip
you're not strong enough
to catch me

[source:see: "Die Like A Rockstar"]

I'm here
come take what is yours
I don't want anything
I'm done

Track Name: Back on Meds
Shadows creeping up the wall
I can't take this anymore
Tell me how do you get through the week
tearing off my skin piece by piece
You asked me how I got these blister on my feet
I've been walking all night
seeing enemies out the corner of my eye
Back on meds again
will this time be different
Banging my head against the wall
trying to get the cogs
to fall back in place

I can feel my mind
run down the back of my face
is tonight the night Im going to break
How can I trust you my friend
when I cant trust my own head
something about this life dont feel right
I have to question the function of my design